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We encourage all families to volunteer and participate in the life of the school. The School Support Incentive (SSI) program was established in 2016 due to the significant difference between the cost of tuition and the actual cost of educating a child. This program requires 20 volunteer hours per family throughout the school year. Families have the opportunity to earn the required, additional $250.00 SSI amount per family through participation in fundraising and volunteer efforts.

Families are encouraged to participate in the SCRIP tuition assistance and fundraising gift card program. Families can earn a limitless amount of tuition assistance through weekly and monthly participation. SCRIP can be purchased at the school, after each Mass on weekends and online.

Since no family pays an amount equivalent to the cost of educating a child at St. Benedict (approximately $5,300 per child/year), it can be expected that fundraisers for the school will be conducted during the year. Due to the significant difference between tuition and the actual cost of educating a child, the School Support Incentive (SSI) program is necessary to encourage more volunteer hours and participation in fundraising efforts.

We will focus on 3 main fundraising efforts: SCRIP Program, Turkey Trot and the Auction. Through this program, families have the opportunity to earn the required, additional $250 SSI amount per family through participation in fundraising and volunteer efforts as follows:

Ways To Give

  • - Event Fundraising :
  • SCRIP Program:
  • - Annual Appeal:
  • Turkey Trot (11/24/2022):
  • Annual Auction (3/4/2023):
  • Volunteer 20 Hours Per Family Throughout The School Year:

includes the annual Turkey Trot, Reverse Raffle, Spring Auction and Community dinners.

an opportunity to make a tax-deductible donation to the school to assist in maintaining our facilities, and keeping tuition costs affordable.

Best Choice UPC labels, Coke Rewards labels are easy ways to support St. Benedict School. Just cut your labels off designated products and send them into the school office. The office then submits them periodically for redemption. Fast, easy and very helpful!

Participate in & contribute to different stages of Auction planning and preparation on or before Auction day.

  • Sell minimum 8 books raffle tickets per family ($30 SSI)
  • Donate two items to auction per family ($20-$40 SSI)
  • Donate 1 item to class basket (1 per each child’s homeroom) ($10 SSI)
  • Volunteer 3 hours for the auction ($30 SSI)

($100 SSI – 3 hrs. for Auction): Volunteer Opportunities can include: Leps Pride volunteer activities for the school, Vacation Bible School, summer Rummage Sale, Auction committees, Turkey Trot 5K, Coaching or Assistant Coaching for a St. Benedict team, Morning Bus Room/Parking Lot duties or Lunch Cafeteria/Recess duties, Spaghetti Dinner, Salad Luncheons, Classroom Help in K-1, Art Institute, Leading a school-sponsored extra-curricular club or activity, Concessions, Selling SCRIP, helping with Box tops/Best Choice labels, or other volunteer opportunities approved by the Principal.

*When parents are not available to volunteer due to work hours or health issues, any approved family member can volunteer, including grandparents or extended family.

  • Additional SSI credit (counting toward the $250 SSI allowed) can be earned by: Selling additional raffle tickets (up to $50 SSI), Purchasing SCRIP beyond requirement (based on % earned for the school) (up to $50 SSI), Chairing a fundraising committee (Turkey Trot, SCRIP program, Auction, etc.) (up to $50 SSI), serving as Head Coach or other activity approved by the Principal.

*Families who do not meet the $250 SSI credit amount during the school year will pay the remaining balance to the school as additional tuition by May 15, 2023. Registration for the next school year is dependent on the earned or paid SSI credit.

Ed-Choice Expansion Scholarship Families are also expected to earn the $250 SSI credit toward fundraising and volunteer efforts, or will pay up to $250 to the school by April of the current school year.

All employees and regular volunteers who have direct contact with children at St. Benedict School must complete acceptable criminal background checks through fingerprinting in accord with the current policies of the Diocese of Steubenville – Decree on Child Protection; and may not have contact with children until acceptable background checks through fingerprinting are completed. All employees and regular volunteers must complete both a Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) and a Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) criminal records check every five years. For auxiliary service personnel such as school nurses, psychologists etc., who are government employees or subject to state regulations, the school Principal shall obtain copies of both a Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) and a Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) criminal records check every five years, from the employer of auxiliary service personnel.

Thank you for the many ways you participate in the life of our community as a school and the larger community where we live. Together, we make this exceptional educational experience possible for our students and accessible to all in our community. God bless!

St. Benedict School Educational Advisory Committee

Lord, make me an instrument of your peace.

Served by the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity for 106 years, St. Benedict School is committed to educating the whole child for life.