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St. Benedict School is deeply grateful for the invaluable financial support it receives from both families and benefactors. As a non-public institution, our financial foundation is diverse, drawing from several streams, including tuition, fundraising endeavors, dedicated student funds earmarked for educational expenses, and the generous contributions of our parishioners, alumni, and community friends.

In the state of Ohio, the cost of providing a student's education significantly surpasses our tuition fees. Nevertheless, our school has been fortunate in maintaining accessible tuition rates, thanks to the kindness and support of our donors, as well as the success of our fundraising initiatives.

In a bid to foster active parental involvement and bridge the substantial gap between the actual cost of educating a student and our tuition fees, we introduced the School Support Incentive (SSI) program in 2016. Under the SSI program, each family is obliged to dedicate 20* hours to volunteer service throughout the school year. Additionally, participation in the SCRIP program and the annual Auction is required of all families. Further details of these requirements are outlined below.

Ways To Fulfill your SSI Requirements:

  • Volunteering:
  • SCRIP:
  • Annual Auction:
  • Recording and Submitting Volunteer Hours:

To meet your SSI Volunteer obligations, there are various ways to contribute. You can opt to serve on The Educational Advisory Council, take part in LEPS Pride events, lead or join an auction committee, assist in organizing the Turkey Trot, and participate in other volunteering activities, such as chaperoning field trips, aiding with Grandparents Day, contributing to Catholic Schools week, supporting class parties, assisting with morning drop-off, overseeing cafeteria and lunch recess duties, and engaging in various other activities.

SCRIP is a nationwide initiative designed to support non-profit groups and schools in generating funds. It enables families to acquire prepaid merchandise gift cards from both local and national businesses. These gift cards function just like cash. In recognition of your support, these businesses generously contribute between 2% to 25% of the gift card's face value to St. Benedict School.

Gift cards are accessible for a wide array of national and local retailers, encompassing groceries, clothing, dining, gasoline purchases, and more.

Should you have any inquiries or wish to purchase Scrip, you may do so through multiple avenues, including the school secretary, the Parish office, or the convenient Raise Right Application on your phone (raiseright.com).

Families are required to place a minimum of ten (10) Scrip orders throughout the year, spanning from July to May.

The proceeds generated from the Annual Auction, held each spring, play a crucial role in our school's operational budget. The success of this event hinges on the active involvement of the entire St. Benedict School community. All families are expected to participate and contribute to various aspects and stages of Auction planning and preparation leading up to Auction Day.

This year, family commitments include:

  • Selling a minimum of 8 books of raffle tickets ($40 Assessment).
  • Donating two (2) items to the auction per family ($40 Assessment).
  • Contributing one (1) item to a class basket (per child's homeroom) ($20 Assessment).
  • Volunteering for three (3) hours to support the Auction ($60).

These obligations help ensure the success of our Annual Auction, which, in turn, directly benefits our school's financial stability and ongoing educational programs.

Volunteer hours should be documented and submitted using the designated Google Form, which is accessible on the St. Benedict's School website or through this Volunteer Form Link or by using the below QR Code. This form is compatible with various devices, including smartphones and tablets. It is the responsibility of volunteers to accurately complete this form, after which authorized personnel will review and approve the submitted hours.

St. Benedict's School Volunteer Request Form

Logging Hours: When recording hours, volunteers must provide specific information, including the date, start and end times, the total hours volunteered, and a brief description of the tasks completed or events attended. Hours should be rounded to the nearest quarter hour.

Non-Qualifying Activities: Please note that attendance at auction meeting events may not count toward fulfilling the volunteer requirement unless explicitly stated otherwise. Refer to the specific guidelines provided for the St. Benedict's Auction to ensure compliance with the necessary requirements for your volunteer commitment. Your understanding is greatly appreciated.

In certain cases, St. Benedict's Auction may offer the option for individuals to contribute to the event by donating food and beverages for the auction concessions, in lieu of fulfilling the volunteer hours requirement. This alternative arrangement provides flexibility while still supporting the success of the auction. If you are interested in exploring this option, please refer to the provided guidelines or contact the auction organizers for additional information.

Approval Process: Submitted volunteer hours will undergo a review process and may either be approved or rejected. If hours are rejected or require revisions, volunteers will be contacted for further clarification or additional information.

*Each family is expected to dedicate 20 volunteer hours over the course of the school year. Each volunteered hour is valued at $20, totaling $400 for the year. If you do not meet your required volunteer hours, you will be responsible for a payment of $20 for each hour not fulfilled. These volunteer hours and any associated payments are due by May 15th of the school year. Our volunteer hours are efficiently tracked online to ensure accountability and transparency.

Ways to Give:

  • Ways to Give:

Philanthropic donations are greatly appreciated and can be made through the following methods:

  1. Mailing Address: Please send your donations to our official mailing address:

    St. Benedict School 220 North 7th Street Cambridge, OH 43725

  2. Contact Halie Shoemake:

    If you have any questions or need further information about making donations, please feel free to reach out to Halie Shoemake through email or phone:

We value your support, and your contributions will make a positive impact on our mission. Thank you for your generosity.

All employees and regular volunteers who have direct contact with children at St. Benedict School must complete acceptable criminal background checks through fingerprinting in accord with the current policies of the Diocese of Steubenville – Decree on Child Protection; and may not have contact with children until acceptable background checks through fingerprinting are completed. All employees and regular volunteers must complete both a Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) and a Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) criminal records check every five years. For auxiliary service personnel such as school nurses, psychologists etc., who are government employees or subject to state regulations, the school Principal shall obtain copies of both a Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) and a Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) criminal records check every five years, from the employer of auxiliary service personnel.

Thank you for the many ways you participate in the life of our community as a school and the larger community where we live. Together, we make this exceptional educational experience possible for our students and accessible to all in our community. God bless!

St. Benedict School Educational Advisory Committee

Lord, make me an instrument of your peace.

Served by the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity for 106 years, St. Benedict School is committed to educating the whole child for life.